Video Artist: Alexander Borisov
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 0 min 16 sec


The project is dedicated to one of the most expressive natural phenomena, “visual noise” – a cloud, and also its double from the field of computer technology.

“Clouds” is gif animation created on the basis of a photograph of a real object. It is a visual metaphor of a digital cloud, a rich and fragile space woven from microparticles of collective memory.

Alexander Borisov

Artist, photographer, designer. Born in 1976 in Tomsk (USSR). Graduated from the philosophy faculty of Tomsk State University, Russia. From 1997 to the early 2000s he participated in the artistic life of Tomsk, working on the theory of modern art, organized a number of events and performances. Since 2004 he has lived in St. Petersburg. At present he works in the field of photography and computer graphics, and develops the theory of the “noise ontology of media systems” and the aesthetics of “visual noise”.