Dream Journey


Video Artist: Lera Nibiru
Country: Duration: 4 min 3 sec


“Journey to the other side of dream” is a project with a long history. At first, it was an installation in a fairy-tale closet, after the story gained linearity and turned into a book published in 2018 by ArtLeda, and a cartoon was born based on it in 2020. “Journey” tells the story of a girl who, having fallen ill, plunged into the sleepy wilds of her imagination, trying to find a way to recovery and, dealing with her internal issues and living them in a symbolic field, recovers.


Lera Nibiru

Lera Nibiru graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television with a degree in Animation (2003). Lives and works in Moscow. The practice of Lera Nibiru initially developed in the field of video, photography and animation. Also Lera was member of famous avant-garde music bands Babsley and ZGA . Since 2009 graphic art and mixed media objects have become her favorite media. Inheriting the tradition of Moscow conceptual school Nibiru creates total installations which include puppets and monumental frescos, as well as delicate works on paper or narrative albums of small format. Following the concept of "psychodelic realism" suggested by Pavel Pepperstein, works of Lera Nibiru can remind childish dreams but at the same time reproduce images from deep sensual phantasms. Lera had many exhibitions in galleries and museums in Russia and abroad. Also she makes films and works as videographer in theater projects.