Video Artist: Dagnini
Country: Year: Duration: 1 min 28 sec


The appearance of the first personal computers in the 1990s was just as important as political changes. The update of an operating systems and the update of the state system – people could follow these two processes with equally strong feelings. But social reality malfunctioned just as often as virtual reality. 1993 was the year of the “blue screen of death” and the storming of the House of Government.


Dagnini is an artist from Saint Petersburg. She lives and works in Moscow. Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts and Pro Arte School for Young Artists.
Dagnini is currently represented by Fragment gallery.
She works with dynamic performances, creates objects, installations, paintings and graphics. The main theme of her research is 'glitches' both in digital space and in reality. The breach of the peace and current everyday routine are the necessary condition for her work.

In 2020, Dagnini's project Disk (D:) has been nominated for The State Award in Contemporary Art "Innovation" in the "New Generation" category.