From Space to Space

Video Artist: Andrius Venclova
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music by New Composers


Andrius Venclova: “From Space to Space” is pure VJing. I ran identical videos on two VHS tape recorders, and on the mixer (mixing console), I just changed channels, trying to get into the rhythm. Since one video inevitably comes with a delay, the characters start to twitch amusingly.”

Andrius Venclova

St. Petersburg media artist. One of the first in the country began to exhibit video installations and develop the theory of video mix in real time at large rave parties. He worked with Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe and with New Composers. In 1996 and 1997, he participated in Mayday in Germany together with the legendary DJ from Amsterdam, Peter Ruben. Member of the Eastern Strike. In 1991, in New York, he showed his films at Jonas Mekas Anthology Film Archives.

From 1997 to 1999, he created music videos (particularly for DJ Groove) and commercials (North-West GSM). In 2000, he was director of the video magazine "KaMYshi" and completely changed the concept of the program, moving the shooting from the studio to the place of events.

Also known as Andrei Ventslova.