I Want to Live through Your Death

Video Artist: Olga Jitlina
Video Genre: , Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 44 sec
Video Specifications:


The film is based on an autobiographical episode of the author’s life. “My video is a re-enactment of my Mom’s suicide, 10 years after her death. I woke up very early the morning of March 23rd 2009 and went with the camera from my bed to the balcony from where my mother threw herself: I tried to look through her eyes and capture the last thing   that she saw in her life. By telling this personal yet at the same   time common story of a middle-aged person in Russia in the 1990’s, I aim not to provoke a sense of pity or frustration, but rather to share my experience of living through the trauma of loss, saying it is hard but possible.”

Olga Jitlina

Olga Jitlina, born 1982 in Leningrad/St. Petersburg. She graduated from The University of Jewish Studies, from the Russian Academy of Art 2007. Finalist of the Henkel Prize 2012. Winner of CEE Young Artist’s Prize 2012.

October-December 2013 – Kulturkontact residency, Vienna, Austria

May 2013 – Platform Shtab in art-residency, Bihkek, Kyrgyzstan

05.10.12-05.11.12 – HIAP residency, Helsinki,Finland

Participant: Biennale of Young Art, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; Amsterdam Biennale, St. Petersburg pavilion, screening at Kunsthalle, Tallin, exhibition hall, Narva, Estonia, Fabrika, Moscow Videoart Archive CYLAND, The Space of Quite, Krasnoye Znamya factory, St. Petersburg, Video Zahvat, Nepokorennie Open Studios, St. Petersburg.