Video Artist: Vik Laschenov
Country: Year: Duration: 6 min 59 sec


This video made with the instructional films aesthetic. There were a lot of film directors who made instructional films in America in the 50s. These films were about simple things, for example: ‘how young people should do on a first date’.

I’m interested in this instructional film aesthetic because it marking the existence of dictatorial structure, which determining through a person which voluntarily accepts this structure and obeys with it. I exaggerate this situation in this work, by means of shifting it into an experience of love field. The hero is occurring with an absurd situation where he should try to control his love feelings with the mnemonic rules.

Vik Laschenov

Vik Laschenov. Visual & performance artist. Winner of two seasons of «Young photography» festival (2013), solo exhibition in photo biennale «Fashion and style in photography» (2014), an educational grant from the new cinema Moscow school (screenplay department, 2015). Participated in international festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia, Germany, Latvia. Curator of parallel program exhibition (Manifesta 10). Works in MAMM and private collections.