Le Vagabond

Video Artist: Nadya Gorokhova
Country: Year: Duration: 9 min 42 sec


A video essay based on Samuel Beckett’s Worstward Ho.This work depicts a two girls’ journey in St. Petersburg’s suburb with the purpose of deepening their interaction with Beckett’s text. Masha Kuznetsova reads fragments of verses and words from a foreign dictionary. Nadezhda Gorokhova records soundscapes: she actively does an instrumental exploration of the environment’s acoustics. In this video, she mixes video and sound. This is a poetic study of the sound of the words based on this media intervention on Kronstadt’s landscape.

Camera, editing – Nadya Gorokhova

On camera, narration – Masha Kuznetsova

Nadya Gorokhova

Nadia Gorokhova was born in 1986. In 2008 she graduated from the philological Department of the Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University. Musician, video artist, founder of the independent publishing issue Haec(audio editions, artist's book). In 2010  she was a participant of the seminars on documentary film production “Route du doc: Russie” (Lucac, France and Siberian studio of independent cinema, Russia), residences participant (2015): the Trans-Siberian Artist Residence (a special project of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), the residence of the Film På Gotland (Baltic Art Center, Gotland, Sweden). Lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia.