Video Artist: Denis Patrakeev
Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 0 sec


The artist performs a mystical ritual. He puts his head in a bowl filled with milk. That act echoes with the famous plot component of Russian folk tales, in which, in order to rejuvenate his body and soul, the hero has to bathe in different liquids. What’s important for the artist here is the idea of breaking the boundaries of the impossible, “the space beyond the limits of time”, the idea of dissolving in the act of creation and acquiring a new state.

Denis Patrakeev

Denis Patrakeev was born in 1987 in St. Petersburg. Studied at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Faculty of Fine Arts (2004-2009). Member of the Professional Union of Artists since 2008. He works in following techniques: sculpture, installation, graphics, painting, video art.

In his art Denis reflects on the concepts of time and eternity, the symbol-image of nature, knowledge of God. Classical techniques are intertwined with elemental materials such as water, salt, earth, fire. For Denis, spiritual sphere, minimalistic language, harmony are the key of interests. His works are inspired by study of nature, connections of physical and spiritual processes, poetry of material and form.