Video Artist: Yury Vassiliev
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 0 min 55 sec
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“Mom” tells the tale of a son’s tormented reality of two individuals mind twisted into an inseparable parent/child singular identity.


Either drunk or semi-ill overgrown son dully torments his mother and himself. They are an inseparable pair – the man is always with his mother, still snatches her skirt not being able to get back on his feet. He cries, calls, and rends one’s heart. It seems he has been cast off, but it’s out of the question, it seems he needs something, but he doesn’t, it seems something hurts him, but nothing does, it seems a danger approaches from the outside, but there is no danger. Pain, danger, fear, loneliness are all inside, everything is groundless, aimless, and it comes from tearfulness, swaddleness and nonage. «Mom, leave me alone, set me free, turn me out to hell, the hell with you, mom! », – rushes like waves of red, waves of blood, not allowing to see anything around oneself.

Ivan Chechot


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Yury Vassiliev

Yury Vassiliev is a Kaliningrad-based artist. He was born in 1950 in Kingisepp (Leningrad Oblast). His artistic activity involves video, installations, performance and other forms of contemporary art. Since 2000 he has been working on the Russian Red project, which was exhibited more than 50 times at festivals and exhibitions in Russia and abroad. These events include the Human Project (special project of 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), Davai, Davai exhibition of Russian contemporary art shown in Postfuramt, Berlin and in MAK, Vienna, and ARS 06 international exhibition at Kiasma museum in Helsinki, where his video installation named Our Father was presented.