Video Artist: Vladlena Gromova
Country: Year: Duration: 4 min 13 sec


The video is based on a text about Roman mythology, but the names can be replaced with the heroes from any contemporary religion. This description of a cult taken out of context can also refers to modern ideological structures. The announcer reads the text with bland intonation, giving identical weight to information on death, Chinese recipes, or God. Meaning is reduced to idle appearance. Vast landscapes shot from an airplane alternate with close-ups of the plane wing: are we reclaiming divine power or reaffirming terrestrial frailty? What is modern religion when anybody can view the Earth from Olympus’s godly heights?



Vladlena Gromova

Vladlena Gromova is a Russian artist and designer. She was born in 1983 in Petrozavodsk. Graduated from the International Slavic Institute, Design department specialization is «graphic design» . She is the winner of the Kandinsky Prize in the category «Young Artist of the Year 2007» with the video work «Portrait». Nominee of Kandinsky Prize «Media Project of the Year 2008» with video work «It is dedicated to pop art».

Diploma of the ferst degree in the nomination «Video art» at the Biennale «Art-poisk”, Yakutsk, 2010. Participation in a large number of exhibitions in Russia and the world.