Video Artist: Yulia Vergazova
Country: Year: Duration: 12 min 25 sec


In this work, there is a stimulation of a personal climatic disaster that is connected to “orders” of the voice-over — the information stream that daily pelts upon us as a downpour and dictates to us our desires and priorities. An attempt to bundle up is also an attempt to shelter from it. The voice talks about temperature anomalies observed on the territory of Russia. News about the freezing temperatures make the artist put more and more clothing items on — up until it reaches an absurdity: a clothing layer wouldn’t allow her to move. Her body gets overheated and a bag that she put over her head wouldn’t let her shut her eyes on the problem. Then the girl tries to eliminate the reason for thermal discomfort, once again following the “orders”.

Yulia Vergazova

Artist. Born in 1987 in Penza, USSR. Graduated from New Art program from the Free Workshop School of Contemporary Art, student of the Rodchenko Art School. Participated in group shows in Moscow and other cities in Russia. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.