Son of king

Video Artist: Julia Zastava
Country: , Year: Duration: 4 min 30 sec


Shrinking and melting. Space of architecture, as a space of a dream.
Through synthetic noise to majestic faint of XVIII century.
This animation was made from the photos of Earl Orlov’s Palace in the suburb of Moscow.
This rich architecture was a present from Catherine the Great to her lover. After the revolution of 1917 this palace was harried and then abandoned.
Now it is almost a ruin. Still rather majestic one.

Music by ALOG


Julia Zastava

Artist. Born in 1982 in Moscow, USSR. Graduated from the Humanities Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting (Moscow, Russia) and the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna, Austria). Her works have been exhibited at many venues, the including Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) and the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art (Perm, Russia). Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.