The Fragments of Disappearing

Video Artist: Anna Tolkacheva
Country: Year: Duration: 7 min 55 sec


The issue of interaction between text and media is crucial here. Whenever a new element emerges (new note in music, breath before new piece of poetry,new location), everthing else is suspended for a while,which forms general rhythm of the entire work

Anna Tolkacheva

Media-artist, researcher, curator and poet. She explores new ways for creating text and accessing it through the new media, non-standard interfaces and controllers. Anna creates artworks which can be attributed to the emerging field of the mediapoetry.

Anna was born at 1985 in Gorky, USSR. She had a master degree in Computer Science and has worked as a senior programmer and researcher in computational linguistics. In 2017 Anna graduated from the New Media Department at Rodchenko Art School. She is a co-organizer of publishing house Red Swallow.

Anna’s works participated in a big number of exhibitions, screenings and festivals inside and outside of Russia. She got Gran Prix in International Extra Short Film Festival 2014, VideoPoetry Film Festival The Fifth Leg (2012, 2016). At 2013-2014 she got Google Award for research on the project Revolutionary events prediction by social media.