The girl from the Ural

Video Artist: Alena Tereshko
Country: Year: Duration: 9 min 4 sec


In the video author as a character is setting behind the table. The plate full of «pelmeni» (authentic ural food) is in front of her.  Wild flowers are sitting in the jar, muscas are fliing and wriggling along the tabble time to time. The young woman begins to eat pelmeni singing song the same time (it is russian folk-song «oh! My mother fancy for me» – and the point — to settle daughter). It is too much pelmeni in the plate for one person, but there is a tradition eat up food in family. And worse of it song which is go on muzzleful.

The idea was adjustment eating and singing, it is very tippical for russian. In this case it entailes astonishment and sympathy: endlessness of pelmeni, endlessness of the song (it consist of repeat), and suffering from all together: food, uncomfortable, unhappy personal life situation. One moment the girl begins to cry but stops cry, finnish with food, song and after go away.



Alena Tereshko

Alena Tereshko born in 1986 in Ishim (Russia), lives and works in St. Petersburg.

She graduated from Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Stieglitz (2013) and from school for young artists at PROARTE Foundation (2013).A member of art group “Parazit” (since 2012).