Tree Time

Video Artist: Alexandra Lerman
Country: , Year: Duration: 7 min 8 sec


Tree Time imagines a relationship between nature and technology unmediated by human presence. Shot by a drone in the Amazon rainforest the film depicts a point of view as disembodied as the AI-generated voices discussing a series of images of annual tree rings. These natural data-inscriptions record man-made ecological distress into the body of the tree just as humanity uploads the information it deems important for posterity into the cloud.

Alexandra Lerman

Alexandra Lerman born in 1980 in Leningrad, Russia. Artist. She holds a BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art (New York, USA) and an MFA from Columbia University (New York, USA). In her “projects-investigations” Lerman researches how human beings are affected by systems and ideologies that control the post-industrial world of immaterial labor and the human’s influence on the planet’s ecology. Her projects have been shown at Artists Space (New York, USA), Queens Museum (New York, USA), Whitney Museum of American Art (New York, USA), Signal Center (Malmö, Sweden), Manege Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg, Russia) and “Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum” festival by ProArte Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia). Lives and works in New York, USA.