Video Artist: Vladimir Logutov
Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 36 sec


The video Twilight is a work about the twilight of our consciousness and perception which, lacking any protection against the sheer volume of information that assails it, is very vulnerable.

The camera is static, it’s set up in a window with a view of a crossroads. At first glance, it appears that we’re just observing a boring city landscape. An additional dejection is added by the insipid colors of a winter evening. It seems as if there is nothing artistic here… But it’s not that simple: the spectator’s attention to detail is crucial. Looking carefully, we can see that at times the objects don’t cast shadows. The cars drive when the traffic light is red, stop when it’s green, and sometimes disappear as they turn, driving round the post. Some of the pedestrians, going beyond the same post, disappear forever, whilst others are identical to the others walking near to them; there are also people without any heads.

Twilight is one of Logutov’s first video works. It was back then that the artist had the idea that his video could be seen as a video-picture, where the emphasis would not be on the events taking place in time, but rather on the changes taking place within the shot. It is enough for the spectator to notice one of these by chance for him to begin to doubt his attentiveness and to switch to a deeper level of perception. And then it is very possible that much will be revealed.

Vladimir Logutov

Artist, curator. Born in Samara in 1980. Lives and works in Moscow.

Creator and member of the art group “Laboratory”.

Author of more than a dozen solo exhibitions. Participant of a large number of international forums and the Biennale of Contemporary Art. Curator of a number of projects.

Laureate of the «INNOVATION Prize 2018» — Artist of the Year.

Artist’s works are both in private and museum collections, including collections of the The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, FRAC Bretagne Museum (Brest, France) and others.