Workers of the World unite!

Video Artist: Olga Jürgenson
Country: Year: Duration: 4 min 31 sec


In her new video film Jürgenson decorates cake sponges with political statements; after Workers of the World unite! is piped on the top of the first layer, Jürgenson covers it with cream, walnuts and another sponge, where she pipes Glory to Capitalism!

The artist reflects on the radical changes in the political system of the former Soviet republics. Sweet cake and the statements beautifully piped from icing sugar promise new sweet life, which requires a change of political system to attain. In reality this transformation can be very tough.

Slices of double-layered cakes were offered to the visitors of the opening of Olga’s solo exhibition Glory to Capitalism! at The National Centre for Contemporary Art in St Petersburg; delivered daily from a local bakery, slices of cakes with identical statements were offered to the visitors of the exhibition at the Worsted factory in Ekaterinburg during Ural Industrial biennial in 2010.

Olga Jürgenson

Olga Jürgenson is a multidisciplinary artist, working and exhibiting internationally. Her most recent diverse and multilayered projects comment on humankind’s past and present to propose visions of our ‘utopian’ future; they offer female perspectives on the legacy of Russian Cosmists and their followers, applying aspects of the Human Condition to their theories.


Olga was a participant in significant group exhibitions globally, including 56th Venice Biennial, MANIFESTA 10, Liverpool, Moscow and Ural biennials. She was awarded numerous grants and awards from several European foundations, in 2011 was nominated for Kandinsky Prize (Moscow, Russia). Some of her recent solo exhibitions were at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia (2013), New Hall Art Collection, University of Cambridge, UK (2014), Espronceda Centre for Arts and Culture, Barcelona, Spain (2018).


Olga's works are in state and private collections across the world, including The State Russian Museum, National Centre for Contemporary Art (Russia), Oulu Art Museum (Finland), The University of Cambridge (UK). Olga curated the National Pavilion of Mauritius at the 57th Venice Biennale, she advises on the art programme at Pushkin House in London (UK).