Changing Landscapes-3 in the Non-Stop Video Art Festival in Moscow

Changing landscapes-3

Highlights from Cyland video archive

Curated by Victoria Ilyushkina

August 14, 6pm

GROUND Solyanka, Moscow, Russia

Changing Landscapes — GROUND Solyanka

In “Changing Landscapes 3”, twelve films/video works selected from CYLAND’s Video Archive create together a genuine, introspective look at contemporary Russian New Media. These videos / films by active Eastern European artists offer personal perspectives into the continuum of their native country’s past, present and future. Pieces by established, recognized artists Boris Kazakov, Yuri Vasiliev and Ludmila Belova, Marina Alexeeva, Dimitri Lurie are joined by early works by Maxim Svishev, Masha Sha, Anton Khlabov and the “Upward!” community – each embodying artistic development within the age of digital technology in Russia.

− Boris Kazakov/ «Nestlings of the Sea»,1996 

− Anton Khlabov/ «Storage», 2009 

− Masha Sha/ «Never Ending», 2005 

− Maxim Svishev/ «Aurora», 2012 

− “Upward!” Community / «Fedorov Endgame», 2012 

− Yuri Vasiliev / «Mom», 2002 

− Laboratory of Poetry Actionism / «Lots of Letters», 2010 

− Group “Soap” / «Figure Skating On the Soap», 2011 

− Ludmila Belova / «Home», 2007 

− Dmitri Lurie / «Refraction», 2012

– Manya Alexeeva / «Window Number 2», 2011

– Vika Ilyushkina / «Deformation», 2008

GROUND Solyanka is a gallery and a workshop with a focus on development and promotion of innovative forms of contemporary art and culture. Since December 2018 it has been led by artist and curator Katya Bochavar who has introduced a cross-disciplinary approach into the gallery’s practices. GROUND Solyanka is a full cycle project. Artworks are not only exhibited here but also conceptualized, created and distributed. In line with this mission, the gallery offers artist residency programs in areas such as livre d’artiste, sound art, contemporary music and dance, performance, installation, literature and contemporary theatre. Essential to the gallery’s practices is the ASK project (Archive of Sensory Knowledge) dedicated to collecting and museumification of digital art. 


12.00—22.00 (Moscow time)


+7 (495) 6216332

1/2, bldg. 2 Solyankа Street

Moscow 109028


Entrance from Zabelina Street