Video Artist: Vika Ilyushkina
Country: Year: Duration: 7 min 33 sec


Dance Artem Ignatiev. Music Moontrip “New Composers.”

“For me the process of working together with a choreographer or a dancer is very important. When I feel some in his/her movements I try develop this later by editing. Usually I choose the location, shoot, then edit myself. The state of my images in self-completion and concentration and I try to transmit this through contemporary electronic music. Deformation is a play with a moving form, different emotions felt by a human being towards oneself, a kind of a dialog with self-rendered by the means of plastique”.


Video was screened at the “Media Forum”, 30th Moscow International Film Festival, Moscow, 2008


Vika Ilyushkina

Born in 1971 in Leningrad, USSR.

Victoria Ilyushkina is a media artist and curator. She graduated from the Academy of Arts Russian in Saint Petersburg, where she studied art history and theory, hold a degree New Media program of the Pro Arte Institute.

Currently she is the program curator of the CYLAND Video Archive and International Cyfest video programs.

As an artist, she presented her video works at numerous solo and group exhibitions such as On My Way parallel project to the 56th International Art Exhibition in Venice, Manifesta10 Parallel Program “The Other Home”, at The State Russian Museum, at The Hermitage Youth Education Center, “Russia contemporary exhibition” Galerie Gmurzynska (Sweetzeland), Anna Akhmatova Museum, Al gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia; Iragi Gallery (Moscow), Gislaved Kunsthalle (Sweeden) etc. 


I try to transfer the subconscious into day-to-day life through the plasticity of motion, to reveal the hidden psychological processes. Dance and teamwork with the choreographer has become a fundamental element of my work. . In my films I address modern dance including it into daily environments as a contrasting element.