Despair (TRAILER)

Video Artist: PROVMYZA
Video Genre: , Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 36 sec


…in “Despair” the situation becomes more complex in the shock between the human being and nature. We see in the inhospitable environment of a frozen landscape, completely white, bodies that move and try, in a weird choreography, to be adjusted to nature generating extremely well composed images in the formal direction, emphasized for the quality of the photograph in black and white.  In the apparent calm of the frozen forest the disorder approaches with the arrival of the human group and their fine twigs as an impossible disguise.In the almost empty landscape they dislocate through the space, sometimes between thin trees that are intercalated with images of the forest, in different plans and compositions, almost without any movement. The suspense of the track  does not correspond to the movements and to the actions that we see in the image, generating much  uneasiness since everything seems to oscillate between drama and almost the comedy. The ways  to articulate the supposed narrative,  the tensions of the edition and the track form a multiple set that points out with respect to one total opening in the directions of the image.

How to disguise yourself in the middle of the nature, how to survive? And the crows? Do they fly or only hide us from the momentaneous possibility of being able to fly higher, to escape, to disappear in the middle of the immense sky? There is a strange ambiguity in the images, perhaps a trace that approaches the works of Galina Myznikova & Sergey Provorov of the vanguards.

(excerpt from “New Russian Vanguards”,  Eduardo de Jesus,  curator of project “Imagem Pensamento”, Brasil)


Art group PROVMYZA was organized in 1998:
Galina Myznikova, 1968, Gorky, USSR
Sergey Provorov, 1970, Gorky, USSR

The artists work in various genres of contemporary art: experimental films, video art, photography, installation, theatre. Their works were presented at the 51st Venice Biennale,Kunstfilm Biennale (Museum Ludwig, Cologne;Istambul Modern Museum, Istambul; KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin), Hors Pistes (Centre Pompidou, Paris),Biennial of Moving Images (Saint-Gervais, Geneva), Montevideo Biennial (Banco Republica, Montevideo), Viper (Kunsthalle Basel, museum fuer Gegenwartskunst Basel,Basel), WRO media art biennale(Ballestrem Palace,Wroslaw), Fenetre sur le court metrage contemporain (Cinematheque Francaise, Paris),Rencontres Internationales (Palais de Tokyo, Paris), events of Art Fair (Vienna, Kiev etc.), “Novas Vanguardas Russas” os videos de PROVMYZA (Palacio das Artas, Belo Horizonte,Brazil), A(rt)R(ussia)T(oday)-index (The Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga), Moscow Biennale for contemporary arts (Garage museum, CDH, Moscow), International Video Art Biennial “VideoZone-4” (Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv), “Post-vision” (Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris), “The Power of Water” (Benois Wing, The russian Museum, Saint Petersburg), The young, aggressive (Musashino art Museum, Tokyo), “The voice and the chorus” (Museum De Hallen Haarlem, The Netherlands), 21 Russia (Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev) and other notable events.

Over twenty films of the art group participated in international festivals and were awarded with: Tiger Award for Short Film (38th International Film Festival Rotterdam), Gran Premio for the Best Competing Film (25th Asolo International Art Film Festival), Best Experimental Film (15th Chilean International Short Film Festival).

In 2010 the “Inspiration” film was a part of “Orizzonti” program at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.The film “Eternity” was invited in the Cinema XXI Competition at the 7th Rome Film Festival and was Winner of the Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award 2013 in Best Media Project nomination (video art, film, video).

In 2010 the “Inspiration” film was a part of “Orizzonti” program at the 67th Venice International Film Festival and the film “Eternity” is invited in the Cinema XXI Competition at the 7th Rome Film Festival.

“Three String Quartets For One Video” as the joint project PROVMYZA art group with composers (A. Nadzharov, G.Dorohov and A.Shmurak) was a Grand Prix winner of the Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Awards. Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov as authors of idea and stage directors of opera “Marevo” was Winner of INNOVATION Prize 2012 in nomination “Visial art” of the 8th All-Russian Competition in Contemporary Visual Art.

They live in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.