Farewell to fireplace

Video Artist: Petr Zhukov-Laden
Country: Year: Duration: 19 min 43 sec


The movie is based on Vladimir Mayakovsky’s script that was never filmed. The protagonist is a young Moscow leftist artist leading a bohemian life. He doesn`t notice the love of a labor union activist and dies at feminist exhibition afterparty of an overdose. After 20 years, in a new perfect world of equality (of labor, nation, gender, species, etc.), he is resurrected in the Institute of human. They meet with the activist who is still loving and is about to help. But is there a place and deed for him in a new world? If only in a museum!

The film is silent and supposed to be accompanied by a live musician.

Film discovers development of Russian utopic ideas (revolution and Russian cosmism) and their possible application to modern perception of labor and gender identification. As well, in ironic way it takes a look on contemporary Russian critical art and thinkers.

Petr Zhukov-Laden

Born 1982. Situated in Russia, Moscow.
Member of Upward! community.
Member of the editorial board of the video-magazine VIDIOT

Moscow State Univercity, Physics department (2005).
Institute Contemporary Arts, Moscow (2007).
Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (2009).



"I work on the edge of video-art and cinematography exploring mythology in modern culture. My main approach is performative interaction with culturally important locations with further reworking of collected material for recreating certain senses.
In present time developing different approaches of narrative video representation with live performing and co-interacting with music and sound scapes".