Video Artist: Aizek and Alg
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You are placed in a cube that represents being inside a neural net. The images on the walls are obtained from a neural network through feature visualization. This technique consists of iteratively tweaking neural network inputs to cause certain behavior. In AI research, feature visualization is used for interpreting neural networks decisions. The class probabilities come from the neural net named InceptionV1. This is a convolutional neural network, trained on Imagenet — a dataset of 14 million annotated images of everyday things. Normally it is used to classify images in one of 1000 classes. It turns out that the networks created for image classification have a surprising capacity for generating images, and the results are quite interesting visually. By reversing the original purpose of the network, Aizek (Michael Anoshenko) and Alg (Aleksandr Groznykh) take a look “inside the machine’s mind”. Their research is focused on understanding how a neural network forms concept of the world. By using feature visualization, one can obtain the “perfect version” of any concept, or its “AI ID”.

Aizek and Alg

Aizek (Michael Anoshenko) and Alg (Aleksandr Groznykh)


Aizek (a. k. a. Misha Anoshenko) - a media-artist from St. Petersburg and a resident of YotaLab, explores new forms of performative audiovisual art. His work is exploration of human perception of color and sound, lying on the foundation of scientific study of harmony. He participated in such events as Science Fest, the Festival of Light and numerous festivals of electronic music and arts. He experiments in various media - from photography and generative graphics to light installations, sound design and VR.


alg (Aleksandr Groznykh) 
"Hacker, sailor. Resident of c-base hackerspace in Berlin. I was a data scientist but then burned out and now I’m doing machine learning art in VR. My goal is to understand the nature of consciousness through the lense of machine intelligence".