Video Artist: Maxim Kholodilin
Video Genre: , Country: Year: Duration: 17 min 56 sec


Video performance

Apocalypse Lullaby project / in cooperation with Nail Baiburin

Lullaby was shot in Bashkortostan in the steppe near the village of Kargaly, in Blagovarsky district. The song is a common lullaby sung in Tatar by an old Tatar old. “Eli-vyeli” means “Rock-a-bye”.

The artist is interested in the problem of the duality of the world. He bases this work on the controversy of the state of absolute bliss conveyed by the song and the dynamics of the performers in the snow among gigantic rolling wicker balls that symbolize the tangles of the universe.


Maxim Kholodilin

Born in Ufa in 1968. In 1990 graduated from the Kiev Higher Engineering School of Anti-Aircraft Missile Defense, in 2000 graduated from the faculty of law of the Bashkir State University. PhD. Founder and director of X-MAX Gallery of contemporary art.

Exhibitions and awards
3rd prize of the Novosibirsk International Graphics Biennale (2003)

Exlibris International Biennale, Saint-Nicolas, Belgium (2004)
International Graphics Biennale, Varna, Bulgaria (2004)
International Ural Prints Triennale, Ufa (2004)
Novosibirsk International Graphics Biennale (2005) 
Novosibirsk International Graphics Biennale (2007)International Ural Prints Triennale, Ufa (2007)
White Inter-Nights Independent International Graphics Biennale, St. Petersburg (2007)
Praying to Your Rivers (part of the White Nights in Perm Festival, (2011)
Long-list of the Kuryokhin Award (2011) 
Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (special project Art Against Geography, (2011)
Territory of Joy – Territory of Journey, Novgorod Contemporary Art Center (2012) Khanty-Mantsi Biennale of Contemporary Art (2012)
International Winter Art Festival, Sochi (2012)
Cultural Alliance (part of the White Nights in Perm Festival, (2012)
Circle of Light Moscow International Festival (2012)International Triennale of Contemporary Graphics, Novosibirsk (2012)
Event Contemporary Photography Festival, Omsk (2012)“Portrait Now” project exhibition, Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, St. Petersburg (2012)
UFALOGY, Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, St. Petersburg (2013)Art against Geography: Cultural Alliance, PERMM Contemporary Art Museum, Perm (2013)From Saimaa to Saimaa. Graphics without Borders, Imatra Municipal Art Museum, Finland (2014)
Jerusalem Contemporary Graphics Biennale On Paper, Harmony Municipal Art Center, Israel (2015)
Real in Irreal, Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju, Korea (2015)ART UFA – 2015 Forum, Ufa (2015)