SARMA (excerpt) video installation

Video Artist: Anastasia Lonshakova
Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 55 sec


Video installation was produced by dedicated crew from Latvia and Irkutsk on the bank of Siberian lake Baikal. It is a part of experimental art project SARMA. Also SARMA is in a future dance film – documentary. Filmed on the lake Baikal, art piece explores human and nature relations breaking the boundaries of spoken word. Movement and dance was the language before the word was invented. In the video, artist explores the relationship between man and nature, in which the boundaries of verbal communication break down. Since ancient times, it was believed that forms of nonverbal communication, such as movement and dance, made it possible to come into contact with the nonhuman side of the world.


Choreographer/Director/Editor: Anastasiia Lonshakova

Composer: Matiss Chudars DOP 

Videographer: Dzen Kristap Handy

Sound technician/Editor assistant: Tālivaldis Tālis Āboliņš

Producer: Dominik Jarmakovich  

Anastasia Lonshakova

Contemporary dance and film dance artist from Irkutsk, Russia. Creator of Baikal Contemporary Dance Art in Irkutsk, creative producer of the international festival on Baikal Radi Sveta: Baikal.