Video Artist: Dmitry (db) Bulnygin
Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 0 sec


Life is a set of processes, not the conditions. In the current project the disintegration of structures and communications, loss of a condition of durability and control of a matter are given by close up, with laboratory fixedness. Caducity — one of the main properties of system of state, and inevitably disappearing constructions, are an evident illustration of this property.

Special program for Video Guerrilha festival,  Augusta street, San Paulo, Brazil

Dmitry (db) Bulnygin

Born in Novosibirsk
1990 - Graduated from Architectural Institute of Novosibirsk
Since 1999 – video and multi media
Since 2001 - performing as vj db
1999-2004 - projects with "Blue Noses" art-group
2000-2013 – founder and director of Extra Short Film festival (ESF)
Since 2013 create videoinstallations using video mapping technology
In 2016 starting to work on sculptural series
based in Moscow