Soft Power

Video Artist: Elena Artemenko
Country: Year: Duration: 10 min 9 sec


Video is a ritual visualized a metaphor «to press on the trigger by others hands», where the plasticity of two types of movements encounter – soft gestures of «authority» and precise but ingratiating gestures of subordinate. The props in the video (weapons, flag, and hand) are made of silicon – material that is similar to human flesh by its tactile properties. The mechanical sound, made by an Alto, and the choreographed and preconceived cyclical actions of the characters resemble creepy parade of force (which gradually turns into chaos), and blank shot, that stacked in the throat of commander, suddenly heard in our minds.

Elena Artemenko

Elena Artemenko, born 1988. Graduated from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, Video and Media art department (2013). Works with video, sculpture, and installations. Nominated on Kandinsky Prize (2012, 2013 and 2014), 1st Prize on Foresight Filmfestival, Germany (2016), Best Russian Video Prize (2016) and honorable jury mention (2014) on International Video Art Festival «Now&After», winner of Sharjah Art Foundation Production program (2014). Participated in Biennale WRO (2017), Alternative Film/Video Festival (2016), Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg (2015), European Media Art Festival (2014) and other international festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia, Germany, Iran, Norway, Sweden, Serbia, France, Austria, Cuba and United Kingdom. Lives and works in Moscow.