The room of Vickie and Zhenya

Video Artist: Olga "Tsaplya" Egorova
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Olga "Tsaplya" Egorova

Olga Egorova (artist name Tsaplya) born in Khabarovsk (1968) lives and works in St. Petersburg. She is an artist, filmmaker, teacher who in 1995 with Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya (artist name Gluklya) created The Factory of Found Clothes (FFC). In 2003, she became one of the founders of the group Chto Delat. Since 2013, she has been teaching at the School of Involved Art. One of the most important topics of her art is the study of the relationship between the personal and the public (“personal as political”). She is a director of the films and performances (learning play) of the Chto Delat group. As a member of Chto Delat, she takes part in exhibitions, theater and film festivals, conferences, etc.