Video Artist: Alexander Letcius
Video Genre:
Duration: 25 min 0 sec


Live AV performance

Alexander Letcius

Born in 1.5.1984, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Since 2009 as videoartist involved in theatre performances at Mariinsky Theatre and Youth Theater on the Fontanka.


Since 2012 co-founded TUNDRA collective.

One of the first works by TUNDRA ("The Void") was shown at the very prestigious 10th International Media Festival "Mapping Festival” (Geneva, Switzerland, 2014).

The video of this project was included in the ArtFutura Festival (Spain, 2014) program.


TUNDRA presented large scale sound and light kinetic sculptures at HPL festival at the Museum of Street art and at the First Cadet Corps (St.Petersburg), MIRA festival 2016 (Berlin), D-Museum (Seoul), M’ARS gallary (Moscow), and others.