Vocal Parallels

Video Artist: Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva
Country: Year: Duration: 9 min 43 sec


This video continues an artistic research on the phenomenon of the “mysterious Russian soul”, Veronica asked foreigners, who live in Russia to sing Russian songs, which they knew.  A compilation of different songs: pop, soviet and folk are transformed into a new song. The video raises questions of identity, translation and understanding of the game, “native – foreign”, “we – “they”, “external – internal”.



Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva

Born in 1981 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. Lives & works in St.Petersburg. 

2009 Summer conceptualism school by Josef Bakshtain;
 2005-2008 Pro Arte Fondation (New technologies in contemporary art)
; 2001-2007 Academy of Applied Arts by Shtiglitz St.Petersburg (Monumental Painting);
 1996-2001 Art College by Surikov, Krasnoyarsk (Artistic – pedagogical department).


“I am an artist-observer and position myself in relation to the generation ‘children of perestroika’. Often, the heroes of my works are people who become symbols: time, place, generations, events. I am interested in ‘the human’ and in questions of identification and the everyday absurdity that surrounds us; in the link between the past and the present. Art, for me, is first and foremost a space for experiment. I am in favor of risk, attempts and doubts, ‘unexplored territories”.