100 ways of media consumption

Video Artist: Tovarishchestvo Novie Tupie
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 16 min 5 sec


Project “Central Russian Uplanding Stupidity”
press art, performance
Art Media Forum
Museum of Non-Conformist Art, Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg, June 12-16, 2001
Vadim Flyagin, Vladimir Kozin
Photo – Dmitry Goryachev
Video – Nikolay Kononikhin

In the project scenario, various ways were prescribed for the consume and disposal of modern media. From newspapers and radio to TV and the Internet. Starting from the most traditional and household: fly swatter, roll-up, boat, toilet paper, tablecloth, lampshade, curtain…Before creating complex highly artistic and other artistic methods, including press art, object, installation, action, performance.
The number 100 in the name is purely arbitrary. There could be more or less of these items in the project.
(Vladimir Kozin, January 2016)


Tovarishchestvo Novie Tupie

Tovarishchestvo Novie Tupie (The Brotherhood of New Blockheads)  1996-1999: Vladimir Kozin, Vadim Flyagin, Igor Panin, Sergey Spirikhin, Maxim Raiskin, Oleg Khvostov, Inga Nagel, Alexander Lyashko.