Video Artist: Vladimir Bystrov
Video Genre: , Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 56 sec


An old woman examining her face literally reads out her life history and that of her family, as it appears imprinted on her skin and features. The camera follows her narration and slowly investigates her face. There is something shameless about this unrelenting invasion of personal space and the camera’s intimacy with the object combined with the amplification of detail, creates a tension which haunts the viewer until the end of the film.



Vladimir Bystrov

Vladimir Bystrov was born in 1969 in Saint-Petersburg. He is an actor, director, artist and lecturer. His activity is directly linked to the Interstudio international studio of synthesis theater and animation. The performances created by the theatre were awarded at European theater festivals. Vladimir is a member of Zapasnoy Vykhod group of artists and participant of KУKART festival and many other events, such as Media Art Fest-2000 (Saint-Petersburg), 3rd International Festival of Experimental Art and Performance (Saint-Petersburg), 1st Kazimir Malevich Festival of Performance (Moscow) and Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Vladimir’s video work «22.07.2002» was shown on ARTE European channel.