Acrobatic Sketch

Video Artist: Vika Ilyushkina
Maya Popova
Country: Year: Duration: 7 min 29 sec


This ironic video novella is about young lady in the bathroom of a communal apartment in St. Petersburg city. We cannot separate her dreams and memories from the reality.

The work is made ina creative tandem with Mayya Popova who plays the lead role and performs the acrobatic solo in the bathroom. The male roles are improvised by students of the German Film Academy. The artist was interested in a performing component of the project and its transformation through editing.

“Through movement, through dance hidden meanings are communicated, the ones that are difficult to articulate by words or in a text. They are stored in the subconsciousness and may be seen and guessed at, deciphered, yet not fully… About fleeting, about feelings. About sensual. Movement turning into a visible contour of a sign. Sound making movement unreal”





2016 Media festival, Dom Kino, Krasnoyarsk 

2016 Doppelganger  – video work at the exhibition “My Own Self. Self-Portrait in the Russian Museum”, The State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg

2015-2016 “News from Ludwig Collection” State Russian Museum, Marable Palace, St-Petersburg

2015 Maneken – video work at “Urbi et Orbi” exhibition, the 6th Moscow Biennale Special Project, Museum Center of RGGU, Moscow

2015 “On My Way” Parallel to the 56th International Art Exhibition, Ca’ Foscari Zattere, Venice, Italy

2014 “Now and After” festival program screening, Madrid 

2014 “Another capital”- exhibition NCCA St-Peterburg brunch, Museum of Moscow, Moscow

Vika Ilyushkina

Victoria Ilyushkina is a media artist and curator. She graduated from the Academy of Arts Russian in Saint Petersburg, where she studied art history and theory, and then continued her studies at the New Media program of the Pro Arte Institute. Now she lives in Saint-Petersburg and serves as a curator of video programs and exhibitions for CYLAND Media ArtLab, Sergey Kuryokhin Award and the Videoforma international video program festival. As an artist, she presented her works at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad, such as Urbi et Orbi (the 6th Moscow Biennale special project), On My Way (parallel to the 56th International Art Exhibition in Venice), and many more.


I try to transfer the subconscious into day-to-day life through the plasticity of motion, to reveal the hidden psychological processes. Dance and teamwork with the choreographer has become a fundamental element of my work. . In my films I address modern dance including it into daily environments as a contrasting element.

Maya Popova

Maya Popova is a choreographer and a dancer; in 2001-2014, she taught Contemporary Dance at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

In 1999, she graduated from the Department of Ballet Production at the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory. She is a prize and award recipi¬ent of the competitions “Muses of St. Petersburg”, 1998; Competition of Young Choreographers “Vaganova-Prix”, 1998; the F. Lopukhov Competition of Young Choreographers as part of “the Visit” Festival (Saint-Petersburg, 1999). As a choreographer, she participated in staging of shows and projects at drama and music theaters in St. Petersburg: “Buff” Theater, “Children's Through the Looking Glass” Theater, “Music Hall” Theater, “Theater-Festival Baltic House”. As a dancer and a choreographer, she presented her works at the festivals of contempo¬rary dance “IFMC”, “Open Look”, “Choreografien von Frauen Dance” Festival, “Word and Body”, program “AA” of “the Alternative” Festival and “OKNO”.