Behind This Page but not Disappearing

Video Artist: Angelina Voskopoulos
Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 16 min 40 sec


In creating a video work, Angelina Voskopoulou performs a dance for the camera, also known as a screendance, and does not document it. She choreographs a piece knowing that she will re-organize and manipulate the material during the editing process combining elements such as time, space, speed and spatial composition. In addition, one incorporates the movement of the camera, as well as the composition of the frames. Even though the body in movement is the ‘seed’ and inspiration of a screendance, often the movement phrases get ‘thrown’ around, the end becomes the beginning, the body gets fragmented and layers of dancers end up superimposed on to different backgrounds, creating a new work which is sometimes far removed from the movement material that it was initially based on. The artist’s decisions are based on the rhythm and composition of the new piece, as well as on the design, contrast and the proximity to the camera. She is trying to create a visual metaphor, using a combination of both the narrative and the location. The concept of a video choreography in her films is based on her own lyrics, texts and ideas. 

Angelina Voskopoulos

Angelina Voskopoulou was born in Athens and she is an award winning artist in the field of experimental filmaking.She graduated from Middlesex University with honors (BA in Fine Arts and Technology). She also holds an MA in Digital Arts from the University of Arts London (Arts London-MA in Digital Arts). 

Her research interests include Body-movement-performance, Minimal Movement (From theory to practice; video projections and creation of polyester sculptures in space, Empty space (conceptual approach- from theory to Video installation) Balancing between one and zero (Master of Arts) 


She worked as an art teacher in painting and video art for children, teenagers and elderly people over 60 years of age, at the Art Workshops of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi (2009-2017). Finally, she has organized and participated in educational programs for children at the Municipal Library of Agia Paraskevi/ Alekos Kontopoulos Museum. She worked at the art workshop “Light and Colour” (2017-2018), as an art teacher for children and teenagers. 

She has collaborated with the post rock bands ‘Grankulla mushrooms’ (Athens-Germany) and ‘Astronuts’, for the creation of music composition especially for the needs of experimental films and videos of her own. 


She has also collaborated for the creation of video art clip for the music bands The sons, Heron brothers,(pop up records-London) for the song ‘float together’, for BEATNIK BOYS, for the song “Still Alive”, (Munich, Germany) and for stonemouth for the creation of a vjing screening at the alternative bar ‘closer’ in Exarchia. She is founder and member of the editorial team of the electronic contemporary art magazine ”Astronaut’s eye. Co-founder of the dance group ”Continuous Flux’‘, based on Japanese butoh dance.(2009-2015) She has been the Art Designer of the radio group ‘indiefunka’ of the internet station ‘’ (2012-2018). 

 Additional information:

  • She is a Drone pilot, Pilot B, special category, certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation). 
    She is running a video art (e-learning course) on National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. 
  • She is a post production tutor at AKTO colleage, Middlesex university.  
  • She is the co-founder-director of PVH film production with filmmakers Pasquale Palladino and Matt Helme. Recently participated in MDINA cathedral contemporary art Biennale, entitled "Mediterranean Goddesses".