Video Artist: Kate Mikhatova
Country: Year: Duration: 9 min 43 sec


Dream-Film-Game “Crupa” 2017.

The Book Fair at the Krupskaya House of Culture is a place outside of time, between dream and reality. Historically, it happened that the space intended for the realization of the creative potential of textile industry workers declined, and at some point, the building fell into the hands of book traders. Subsequently, a school bazaar, numismatists, esoterics, artisans, and souvenir makers appeared here.

The artistic exploration of the Krupskaya House of Culture reached a dead end, never truly beginning. Therefore, instead of a heart-wrenching story or an inspirational tour of great places, we chose the strategy of allusion, or simply put – a fairy tale.

In a certain kingdom, in a certain state, it is unknown from where and why the princess KAMI appeared. Finding herself in a strange set of circumstances, the heroine quickly realizes her task and takes on a mission – to separate the wheat from the chaff, to understand how the place of socialist ideas turned into a stronghold of capitalism.


Kate Mikhatova

Curator, art historian-researcher, artist.

1989, Volgograd (since 1991 living and working in St. Petersburg).

2014 - Academy of Arts (specialization in art theory and history).

2015-2017 - School of Engaged Art, the art group Chto Delat.

Since 2018, she has been working on the project kzgallery.com.

In 2020, the gallery received a special prize from the French Institute in St Petersburg (The Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award).