Don't be silent! Speak!

Video Artist: Natalia Egorova
Country: Year: Duration: 8 min 29 sec


Nathalia Egorova’s newest work Don’t be silent! Speak! consists in the wordless confrontation between a stick and a tongue. The stick is a symbol for education, correction, strict upbringing,pain, censorship, repression. While the stick`s elasticity increases the pain, the elasticity of the tongue helps to pronounce the sound of different languages. Even if not speaking, the tongue is a symbol for freedom, expression and frivolity. How much correction can each of these subjects bear? The tongue is not only a sensitive organ which gives us the ability to taste, phonate and articulate, but it can also, though non-verbal, take part in the discussion about body and gender.To correct and limit these two expressional tools of human freedom means to punish mankind for its fundamental rights.

Natalia Egorova

Natalia Egorova was born in 1985 in Petrozavodsk. Participated in the Barents Spektakel 2015 (Kirkenes, Norway); the «Kalevala through the eyes of Russian artists» (2014-15, Museum of City Sculpture, St Petersburg; Center of Culture, Helsinki; Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum, Minsk, Belarusthe); the «Frontier» , the «Dust» (2012-13,Laboratoria Art&Science Space, Moscow); the «The Shadow of Time» (2012, State Museum«Tsaritsino», Moscow)he Athens Video Art Festival 2012, (Athens, Greece); International Experimental Film Festival “Vallecas Puerta Del Cine 2011 (Madrid, Spain); History of Russian Video Art. Volume 3» (2011, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow), etc.