Video Artist: Marisa Benito
Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 48 sec


The image of women has been used and molded to the taste of the societies and historical events of each era generating visual codes and stereotypes: the working woman, the mother, the housewife, the muse, the sexual object, etcetera. These models have been filtered in one way or another from strata of masculine power that have used them, introducing at the same time different norms of ethical and moral behavior, assigning functions and specific spaces. The utility of women was thus subjugated to the service of man and family without promoting their autonomy and personal growth as an individual.  


Marisa Benito

Marisa Benito (Barcelona, 1974) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Research Degree in Art. She lives and works in Córdoba, where she teaches Audiovisual Media at the “Mateo Inurria” School of Art. She combines her professional activity with audiovisual creation and photography. The aesthetics of her work are generated through images shaped by sensory experience, the imaginary and the memory, and photographic and cinematographic language.