Dutch Angle

Video Artist: Liza Dandy
Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 52 sec


Performance from the unmade film “Full house”

The “Dutch Corner” is a specific angle in the art of photography and cinema, close to the aesthetics of noir, the expression of madness, anxiety and disorientation in the frame.

In the video, this technique is also a random form of dance performed by a ghost in the form of a dancer. The action takes place in an old house.

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Liza Dandy

Multimedia artist

Works at the intersection of such media as photography, video, performance, object, sculpture and graphics.

In her works, he addresses the topic of identity and its meaning. The images created by Lisa balance on the verge of reality and fiction. Born, lives and works in St. Petersburg. Graduated from Stieglitz Academy, Department of "Costume Design" and "School of a Young Artist" at the Pro Arte Foundation.

Participant of exhibitions and festivals of contemporary art in St. Petersburg and Moscow.