Video Artist: Mariam (Papoyan) Arami
Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 9 min 46 sec


The content of the work performed as part of the Festival of Snow and Ice Sculptures is checked through a word game. This is a video performance, the components of which are snow and earth. A word symbolizing the intensity of loss and pain that befell society and the Armenian people is born on a flat, snow-covered area, like white paper and a new page.

The work “Dzhnhal”, created by ephemeral particles of nature and the language of nature, conveys the allegory of the cycle of time, the warmth of memories and the pain of physical loss.

Mariam (Papoyan) Arami

Born in Armenia, in the city of Vagharshapat. As an artist, she is more of a conceptualist and does not limit herself to any means of expression or artistic language. The most expressive generality of her works is their duality, which, regardless of the idea, allows the audience to create their hypothesis, as if giving consciousness to the work, leading to a new self-discovery. Art teacher at Art school named by Eghishe Tatevosyan, paper conservation, and restoration at the History Museum of Armenia, art director of DADA hub ART gallery, graphic design, illustration, and book' modelling.