Video Artist: Vladimir Logutov
Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 12 sec


In this video, the artist grips the viewers’ attention with a provocative scene depicting a group of people fighting against the background of a winter cityscape and the pedestri-ans passing by.

“For me, it was an important, almost formal goal, I created different flows of time within a single video. Usually, the video can slow down, speed up or translate time in the same way that we perceive it in reality. I tried to carry out an ex-periment with different speeds in different planes of the same composition. In the same way that the different planes in Perugio’s pictures are precisely divided: the fore-ground, middle ground, background. The people in the foreground move five times slower than the pedestrians behind them, which, in principle, is impossible according to the laws of video materials. But if you look carefully, you see that in all the different planes, the people are the same,” the artist explains.

The entire experiment, however, is difficult to capture, it is camouflaged. The foreground provokes the viewer into re-flections on its contents.

Vladimir Logutov

Artist, curator. Born in Samara in 1980. Lives and works in Moscow.

Creator and member of the art group “Laboratory”.

Author of more than a dozen solo exhibitions. Participant of a large number of international forums and the Biennale of Contemporary Art. Curator of a number of projects.

Laureate of the «INNOVATION Prize 2018» — Artist of the Year.

Artist’s works are both in private and museum collections, including collections of the The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, FRAC Bretagne Museum (Brest, France) and others.