Fetish-frames №1

Video Artist: Masha Godovannaya
Country: Year: Duration: 3 min 0 sec


«Fetish-frames №1» starts series of films dedicated to a film medium per se. 

This film is a pure fascination with a filmicquality of the image captured on 16mm expired stock, hand-developed while neglecting rules of colour processing and manipulated on a JK optical printer.

Shot in 2008 it presents a transformed picture of Rotterdam’s windmills reminiscent of Dutch Golden Age paintings and traditional Delft tiles.

Masha Godovannaya

Masha Godovannaya is a visual artist, queer-feminist researcher, curator, and educator, born in Moscow, Russia. Approaching art production as collective action, her artistic practice is closely connected to artistic research and draws on combinations of approaches and spheres such as moving image theory, sociology, feminist studies, queer theory, and contemporary art.

Masha holds MFA degree in Film/Video from Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, New York, and MA in Sociology from European University in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Currently, she is a candidate in PhD in Practice at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Masha’s films and visual works have been shown at many festivals, screenings and art venues (such as Rotterdam Film Festival, the Tate Modern, Oberhausen International Film Festival, London Film Festival, Manifesta-10, 7th Liverpool Biennial, Center Georges Pompidou, etc.)

At the end of 2015 together with group of artists, activists, and social researches from St. Petersburg, Russia, she co-founded a queer-feminist affinity art group “Unwanted Organisation