Video Artist: Alena Tereshko
Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 44 sec


Drawing herself without a mirror, a camera or any other equipment, the artist makes a play of perspectives open to her own view only, wherein the author’s personality stays “off screen”, invisible for viewers. “Field” is a variability, multiplicity. The field looks like a black hole, endless, ever­ expanding, but with boundaries (which only itself is aware of).

You can find a field anywhere. It is a basic concept. In the art world, we deal with models of a field – canvas or plane in a broad sense, with a screen which is a plane, too, but endued with time, with space (in music, sculpture, architecture), with text field. All these models refer us to the original which they are in a sense.

Roaming a field, we may run into a hole, then a hill, we may see a buttercup, then a rib grass. Virtually, they are all the same and they belong to the same field.

I look for a picture in the video, I try to make the picture be a photograph, drawings be a video, etc.

Alena Tereshko

Alena Tereshko born in 1986 in Ishim (Russia), lives and works in St. Petersburg.

She graduated from Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Stieglitz (2013) and from school for young artists at PROARTE Foundation (2013).A member of art group “Parazit” (since 2012).