Figure Skating on Soap

Video Artist: Group Soap
Country: Year: Duration: 12 min 30 sec


Skating on soap is a budget version of figure skating. To stay unharmed while traveling at fast speeds on soap, one must spin – performing precision actions no less complex then those defining traditional figure skating.  “Soap” demonstrates necessity is the mother of invention.

Group Soap

The group was founded in 2007 by Semen Motolyanets and Dmitry Petuhov.

S. Motolyanets graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Art Academy A.L. Shtiglic, specialization «Monumental painting». D.Petuhov graduated from Saint-Petersburg Theatre Academy, specializations «Production designer». They both were participant in different exhibitions in Russia and world wide. Theirs works recognizably by using soap as a base for different installations and artworks.