Video Artist: Dina Veryutina
Country: Year: Duration: 5 min 57 sec

cinematic version of butoh performance
concept: Arina Nagimova
cinematographer: Dina Veryutina
performer: Arina Nagimova
Abandoning the greenery of forest, the fallen leaves and iciness of snow
Haara came across a touching hand.
Like someone in the curves and knots and smoothness of the bark
comes across himself, or stranger, or Haara.
*Haara — tree branch (fin)

Dina Veryutina

cinematographer/curator of educational programs

Graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Cinema and TV (2011), majoring in documentary film directing. Since 2017, she has been engaged in the interdisciplinary direction of dancefilm, which combines the language of cinema and work with physicality and movement. Films made by the artist in collaboration with various choreographers took part in international festivals in Finland, Spain, USA, France, Russia, Romania, Taiwan, etc. Among the educational projects are laboratories and master classes in film dance for dancers, filmmakers, children, an inclusive laboratory for people with autism spectrum disorder and people with visual impairments. Author and teacher of the course on the basics of film language and cameramanship, master's program "Artist of Contemporary Dance", Academy of Russian Ballet named after A. Ya. Vaganova, St. Petersburg. Co-curator of the international project "Kinotanec.Weekend" on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, St Petersburg.