Home Odysseia

Video Artist: Alena Tereshko
Country: Year: , , , Duration: 33 min 57 sec


Alena Tereshko and Antti Kukkonen (Russia–Finland)  


Home Odysseia project consists of drawings, objects resembling theatrical scenery, videos and performances with the participation of “stuffed toys”, authors’ friends who take a direct part in their everyday life.  


In a presented series of short videos the family duo of artists Alena Tereshko and philosopher Anti Kukkonen introduces in their home world of stuffed friends Isovelikarhy, Possy, Tike and Naha. In the format of living dialogue they discuss relationships in society, differences between socialism and capitalism, history and politics.  


«How do I see my relation to our teddy bears? Of essence is love. Without love, a teddy bear is only a thing, material substance. Following philosopher Max Scheler, I could state the following: With the power of love, they exemplify ever higher values, and it is us who by loving our animal friends, partake also in these higher values. In a sense our animal friends show us what love can achieve, when we also see how for others our loved ones are only stuffed things. When we compare these two attitudes, we understand a great deal on love.»  

— Antti Kukkonen 


Alena Tereshko is an artist living and working in Helsinki, born in Russia, 1986. Alena is particularly interested in the intertwining of contemporary and tradition, in the relation between images and perception, and, generally, in opposite categories and their points of contact.  


Antti Kukkonen was born in Helsinki in 1975. He graduated with two master’s degrees, theoretical philosophy and political history from the University of Helsinki. Currently, Antti writes a blog and researches the philosophy of history. 



Alena Tereshko

Alena Tereshko born in 1986 in Ishim (Russia), lives and works in St. Petersburg.

She graduated from Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Stieglitz (2013) and from school for young artists at PROARTE Foundation (2013).A member of art group “Parazit” (since 2012).