I peel off my fragile skin

Video Artist: Selena Isho
Participation in Video Programs: Year: Duration: 3 min 24 sec


The manifesto of the artist is aimed at criticizing the dominant masculine structure of the world, patriarchal authority, and social inequality. In an attempt to rebuild her own female corporeality and gain social power, the heroine only finds herself facing her own fragility and vulnerability again. The video features a voice-over of the artist’s feminists’ letter, read by a Google voice assistant. This represents a delegation of the familiar act of speaking to someone else, as her own voice has never been heard before. Unintentional deformation of language occurs, raising the question of who the language belongs to.


Selena Isho

Born in 1993 in Kazan, Selena Isho has been living in St. Petersburg since 2013. She works in the genre of installations and three-dimensional objects of machine form. Her artistic practice includes porcelain sculpture, painting, graphics, textiles, video art, performance, and feminist writing. Her works predominantly feature existential, psychoanalytic motifs, themes of gender, corporality, and class privilege. Her works are held in private collections in Russia and abroad.



  • 2020-2021 Young Artist School, "Pro Arte".
  • 2014-2020 The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Art (Master's and Bachelor's Degrees).
  • 2014-2019 St. Petersburg State University named after Zhdanov, Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications (Bachelor's Degree).
  • 2008-2013 Kazan Art College named after N.I. Feshin.


Grants and scholarships

  • 2020-2021: Frans Art Foundation.