Video Artist: Ksenia Galkina
Country: Year: Duration: 6 min 38 sec


The idea of incorporeal being and disembodied consciousness has been keeping the mankind on the trot since ancient times.

Eternal dispute between the body and the spirit brought forth the desire of freedom from that mortal material shell. Tsiolkovsky himself dreamed about the ultimate transition of humans from material state to energy existence. He considered so-called “radiant humanity” as the very last stage of the evolution. Recently, a team of scientists promulgated revolutionary news about the possibility to transfer human into a state of hologram. The experiment began, people got the opportunity to abandon their bodily existence and become digital by switching into holograms. To restore the bodies is impossible.

This is entirely new technology, which changes the way of human existing. Is it an evolutional step or just another mode of escapism? First people who decided to become a hologram are looking into it.

Ksenia Galkina

Ksenia Galkina was born in 1988 in Krasnoyarsk, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Federal University of Siberia, in 2016 she graduated from the Rodchenko Art School, Moscow

Over the past few years she has been working with video and photography. She reflects on the subject of the non-material existence of man and objects, on digitalizing and «zeroing» the space and actions. In her works the artist translates herself into a hologram. It calls into a question the necessity of physical existence for cognition. Rethinking the daily rituals of a human, Kseniia Galkina captures the existence of a new kind of life that reforms cognition.

Her projects participated in many russian exhibitions and festivals such as: The Kuryohin Prize - 2017 (short list, Saint-Petersburg), 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow), special programm of International Kansk video festival (Moscow), VI International Media Art Festival (Krasnoyarsk), 6th Moscow biennale (Moscow).