In Due Course In Your House

Video Artist: Polina Komyagina
Video Genre: Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 7 min 21 sec


In Due Course In Your House is an atmospheric audiovisual poem, a parable of finding a home. The protagonists are two birds who fell from the sky and turned into people. Lost in the new world, they try to find their homeland, a place to give birth and die. On this journey they meet a hermit, a wolf and a shepherd who give them wise guidance. This film is created in response to the instability of the world shaken by wars, diseases, and natural disasters. These changes occur faster than we can adapt to them. They produce a disorienting effect and make us requestion our roots and our destination. In Due Course in Your House is a story of migration, which the author comprehends not only as movement from one country to another, but also as an inner resettlement, a relocation of thoughts and ideas.

Polina Komyagina

Polina Komyagina (b. 1991, Smolensk) is an aspiring video artist and animation director. Since 2020, she has been a student of the experimental film laboratory of the St. Petersburg School of New Cinema.