In the Sky, On the Land And In the Sea

Video Artist: Kostya (GoldTV) MiTenev
Country: Year: Duration: 16 min 10 sec


This film fuses the trends with which Mitenev worked in the 80-90s, shooting on 16mm film and editing fragments of archival films (pre-computer editing), necrorealism, necroromanticism and perpendicular cinema invented by the author, stone cinema, anti-cinema. The author rethinks and plays with the concept of “cinema”, transferring it to another semantic plane, creating the antithesis of cinema-anti-cinema, parallel-perpendicular (frames go vertical), contrasting motion with stillness (stone cinema). The film explores all possible non-standard methods of filming, including , the cameras of participants Iveta Pomerantseva and Evgeniy Kondratyev are directed at each other in a circular motion. The frames of the film include objects of desire, style icons re-shot on video, photos from pop art magazines, a portrait of Andy Warhol, etc. The author writes a self-portrait with the film.

Kostya (GoldTV) MiTenev

St. Petersburg , an artist and author.

In the late 1980s, he joined necrorealizm’s Mzhalala-film Studio, which was created by Eugene Yufit. Private screenings of necrorealizm films are held in clubs, palaces of culture, and apartments.

In 1996, together with Alla Mitrofanova, he organised the first Russian cyber-expedition “NETMAN”. Then – the creation of the projects “UNDINE – United Digital Nations”, “XYMAN (constructor of body)” , “Positive Models Of Sankt-Petersburg’s Future” ( VRML project On-Line)

Konstantin MiTenev (Tenev) is the owner and author of the on-line gallery “BIONET”.

Kostya Mitenev, as a participant in the 1993 festival Estrangement (Bauhaus, Dessau), is impressed by the computer's capabilities and becomes an adept of computer art in the New Media movement. He develops the projects HUMAN, UNDINE and BioNET gallery, where through "Web-art" it is possible to exhibit art projects via the Internet around the world . He is the Creator of the first network TV in Russia "Twins TV"( 1997). In 1998, together with Streaming media groups from 9 cities around the world, he organised the first international network Sound Party “Great Clone Party” in Saint Petersburg.