Lonely mess

Video Artist: Julia Zastava
Duration: 3 min 5 sec


Constant transformations, distortions, contortions within neatly organized reality. Objects are in a precise constellation. Objects have a tricky dialogue. Space is mechanically working, meditating and waiting. It’s the aspiration for a message. Is there higher logic than just order?  Is there waiting any reward after passing all levels?

Julia Zastava

Artist. Born in 1982 in Moscow, USSR. Graduated from the Humanities Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting (Moscow, Russia) and the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna, Austria). Her works have been exhibited at many venues, the including Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) and the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art (Perm, Russia). Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.