Long Whale Song

Video Artist: Viktor Tiapkov
Country: Duration: 13 min 22 sec


Music: Symphocat

Real-time render: Viktor Tyapkov

Dance Susanna Voyushina

Shooting in the youth theater named V.P. Panov: Pyotr Menshikov

A short version of an hour-long av performance by electronic musician Ilya Symphocat (St. Petersburg), video artist Viktor Tyapkov and dancer Susanna Voyushina (Arkhangelsk) at the SoundAround music festival (Kaliningrad, 2022). The short version uses the track Inner Storm (Symphocat, Long Whale Song album). Human movements interact with a digital field consisting of 2 million particles. The dancer sinks and resurfaces in waves of digital and sonic noise.

Viktor Tiapkov

Viktor Tiapkov (born 1981 in Arkhangelsk) is a graphic designer since 2003 and a media artist since 2017. He is also a curator and instructor for the informal association of artists and designers known as the "Poster Center" since 2019.

As a graphic designer, Victor primarily works on cultural projects such as museums, exhibitions, festivals, multi-page publications, and books. One of his most notable projects is the creation of maps and infographics for the current exhibition at the State Gulag Museum in Moscow. He specializes in poster design and has participated in exhibitions, including shortlists for international poster biennials and competitions in countries such as Ecuador, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Mexico, and Russia (Golden Bee, Typomania).

Since 2017, Victor has been exploring the possibilities of real-time graphics in music visualization. He has collaborated with music groups like Moon Far Away, Six Dead Bulgarians, SuperNobody, and others. Notable performances include SuperNobody at the Belomor-Boogie Festival in Arkhangelsk in 2018, a concert by Six Dead Bulgarians at the Kirche concert hall of the Pomorsky Philharmonic in Arkhangelsk in 2019, and a joint concert with Ilya Symphocat in Saint Petersburg at the SoundAround Festival in 2022. In 2019, he participated in the Typomania international festival in Moscow with an interactive installation.

Since 2012, Victor has been involved in educational activities related to design and contemporary visual culture in Arkhangelsk. This includes organizing exhibitions, giving lectures, and contributing to events such as the Typomania festival and the Golden Bee biennale. He is the curator of online poster design laboratories called "Poster Play" and leads a workshop at the RANEPA School of Design. In 2021, he organized a science art laboratory titled "Imaginary Atlas" as a curator and instructor within the framework of the Inversia festival in Murmansk.